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Ronald Walker

1:25:25 AM

New day!

Mario Carta

1:40:10 AM

Yes it is Ronald my goof friend. I just got my new computer and have been familiarizing myself. What A life saver I was able to sync all my chrome settings and now I have all my passwords, a ton of them back on my new comp.

Mario Carta

2:01:09 AM

Now I might actually make some progress on my new website, my power cord on the other machine had a short and it would cause the computer to crash on me usually screwing with files and stuff.

Karishma Shitole

5:35:34 AM

Great Day!! :)

Swapnil Vanmali

8:23:42 AM

Hello Group, I am new to this Group .. My name is Swapnil. I am from India

Mike Savad

10:14:58 AM

Daniel Koglin

10:31:42 AM

Hey all...good morning from Dallas.

Daniel Koglin

10:32:04 AM

Question...has anyone else had a charge show up against their bank account from FAA.Com that was unauthorized?

Daniel Koglin

10:32:45 AM

Just logged in to check my bank account and there's a $30 charge on there from But I've made no purchases in several months.

Mario Carta

11:02:30 AM

Hello Daniel, that is the cost of premium membership. They have had problems with the billing process on this. I had an issue with them where they claimed that they couldn't process an auto payment was set with a credit card then my anniversary day changed. Not good in my opinion. I'll be keeping an eye out regarding there billing from now on.

Mario Carta

11:06:18 AM

hello all

Mario Carta

1:39:56 PM

Loving my new computer!

Daniel Koglin

3:08:05 PM

thanks Mario

Mario Carta

3:48:12 PM

Your welcome Daniel hope it got resolved for you.

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